Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Top 5 Toys My Babies Play With Daily

After an extremely long hiatus, I have decided to try and return to the blogging world. We'll see how this goes. As I am typing now, I am also refereeing, drinking coffee, keeping the dog away from the baby, trying to keep Z from free falling off the side of the couch and thinking about getting dressed. One thing at a time, right?


My kiddos are both still pretty little. My son, Z, is not quite 2 ½ and Ky is only days away from turning 1. Watching Ky Ky begin to play with the toys she has inherited from her big brother it is obvious that some are bigger "hits" than others. I thought I would post a quick list of the top 5 toys my kids seem to play with at least once every day we're home.


1. Fisher Price Learning Home


We originally inherited this little musical doorway when our son was barely crawling. All of the buttons and openings give them plenty of room to explore. Combine that with the cute songs and we have a winner. Our hand-me-down doorway stopped playing music recently and we went out and invested in a replacement toy that same week. In a stroke of luck my big brother was able to fix the original toy by soldering a piece inside that had come loose so now we have one at the grandparent's house too!


2. Laugh and Learn Musical Learning Chair


This was another hand-me-down present and until a few moments ago I had no idea how expensive it was! Honestly, I'd pay the $199 for it if we ever needed to replace it. This chair gets crawled onto and sat on every single day. My kiddos will get antsy over whose turn it is to sit in it and push the buttons to make the music and lights flash. If you can find one in a consignment store snatch it up quick! It will definitely get played with by little ones!


3. Pop Up Tent


We actually have the "Cars" themed tent. I found it at Family Dollar for less than $10 and it was so worth it! This flimsy little tent folds into a small disk for easy storage and I find both kiddos just sitting inside giggling. They love their little "fort" and who can blame them?


4. LeapFrog My Pal Scout


My in laws picked this up for our son when he was around 6 months old. He really took to it by the time he was a year. It is a staple in his night time and nap time routine. It took awhile before we sat down and actually linked it to the computer to personalize the puppy but it is such a cute toy! He sings songs with our kids names in it and plays lullabies for nighttime. Very sweet. We did pick up the female version, Violet, for Ky but Z tends to run around with them both for now. I'm sure Ky will take Violet back eventually.


5. Small Slide


We live in a pretty small place. Our yard is equally small and for the most part, I absolutely love it. We generally have to say no when it comes to most outside toys because size is definitely an issue. We picked up this small slide/fort for our son's 2nd birthday and it has worked out perfectly! Not only is it compact but the kids both love crawling in and out of it, going down the slide forwards, backwards, on the bum and tummy. Glad we have some sort of jungle gym for them to beat up and it hardly takes up any space. You could certainly have this inside a playroom just as easily as a small porch!