Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Spy

… borrowed from Mama Tulip

I am 28 years old, married to a wonderful man, owner of two crazy hound dogs and wishing I could uproot my life and transplant it in another state.

I admit that I was always called a social butterfly in school but suffer from occasional bouts social anxiety as an adult.

I dig musicals, crème brulee, French fries, crab legs and road trips.

I still try to learn something new everyday

I had a glass of chardonnay while watching Hairspray the musical rented from Netflix

I try to be patient even when the emotions start flowing

I should get up and take a walk with the dogs. Those 5 lbs aren't going to lose themselves…

I shouldn't get upset at my husband when he tries so hard to get us put together enough to move to Oregon. After all, he is working overtime so that I don't have to stress out about it. I should stop lashing out from guilt and step up to the plate to get things organized.

I just don't know where to begin.

I do want to get pregnant in the worst way. Even knowing how drastically life will change when we have children, I still wait and wish every month in the hopes that this month will be the one that tells us things are going to be different.

I don't want people to ask me if I'm pregnant yet. It's hard enough to deal with on your own without a continuous reminder from anyone else.

I wish that we had this house rented for the next year so we could concentrate on moving and what to expect in the new city instead.

I won't give up on the dream of a fresh start.

I think my husband is incredible but I'm not sure he realizes how I feel.

I fear change and the inability to make this transition happen in a reasonable way.

I love artichokes, funky artisan jewelry, comfortable shoes, and reading interesting blogs.

I like vacations and traveling without a specific plan.

I loved the Buffy and Angels' series on television. I must admit, I was truly sad when they ended. I think they were two of the only shows I ever actively anticipated new episodes.

I want to have healthy children, live near my siblings and live somewhere that has block parties and pot-luck dinners with the neighbors.

I need a good karaoke night out with some friends. Nothing says a good night like cheap cocktails and a warbley rendition of "Crazy"…

I require a once a week date night. Working days while my husband works swing shift sometimes gets a little old.

I said that I wanted more responsibility but I think I was just trying to be nice.

I thought it wouldn't matter if my parents supported my decisions as an adult but it turns out it makes life feel a whole lot easier if they do.

I write occasionally. I have to admit, I am self conscious of my writing but love to read other people's thoughts.

I hate feeling claustrophobic, clothes that fit too tight, picky eaters and bad breath.

I never leave the milk out. I have this thing about milk. I really hate the changes that happen when it gets warm. In fact, I pick it up last when at the supermarket and put it away first when I get home. The whole idea of luke warm milk kind of gives me the willies.

I probably should get over this fear of milk. After all, the whole refrigeration thing hasn't been around forever.

I can't even comprehend drinking warm milk, but a luke warm latte doesn't freak me out. I know, it's my own logic.

I can be a great listener and advice giver. It has always been a quality of mine but only works when the listening and advice doesn't have to do with my personal life.

I find it difficult to negotiate. My boss jokes that if he wants to pay double the price then he will send me in for negotiations.

I know that I have a wonderful support group. I've managed to collect a handful of kick ass friends and family they just happen to be spread out all around the world. I need to figure out a way to centralize them.

I learn by doing.

I remember very little lately. It seems my memory needs a good push. Too much partying in college may have softened my brain for life.

I bought nothing recently, our new reduced budget hasn't left any wiggle room for purchases other than gas and groceries. BORING.

I miss the simplicity of life in college. Whoever said rushing out into responsibility was a good thing?

I spy on my husband when he is sleeping. I love to watch him snuggled up with the beagle and basset hound. They look so peaceful together it makes me want to get in the middle.

Friday, June 6, 2008

First Date + Drugs = Bad Combination

Yes, yes, I know it has almost been a month since my last post. I don't have a great excuse or reasoning behind it except perhaps a bit of apathy and not know quite what I want to say these days. So, I leave you with this video for the day. Another reason why I'm so glad I don't have to go on anymore "first" dates... Enjoy!