Friday, February 29, 2008

Ahh Youtube

I've been trying to embed these videos onto my post but for some reason I'm experiencing some serious technical difficulties. So, in the name of saving a little time I'll just post the links.

The first is a clip from the Jimmy Kimmel show where his girlfriend, Sarah Silverman, is singing him a little song about her recent antics.

The second clip is Jimmy's retort.

Monday, February 25, 2008

I guess I got rid of the funk

A brief overview of my weekend:

Friday afternoon- my boss came in my office and told me to close up shop because we were going home early. Wahoo! This was followed by a trip to the grocery store, a dinner disaster and lots of laughs with my hubbie & father in law.

Saturday- Met a girlfriend for lunch and then met up with my mom for a round of shopping. Mom bought me a beautiful dress and pair of shoes that I could wear out on Sunday for my birthday dinner. Then I went to my parent's house for a quick drink with my dad followed by dinner at my house. When we arrived at my house, Surprise! It was a birthday party for me that my loving hubbie set up. Everything was taken care of and I had the most stress-free party at my own house that I could possibly imagine. JB had cleaned everything and gotten dinner ready for all 25 people. It was amazing, I was so loved. We hung out and then sang karaoke to my little heart's content! It was so much fun. Really. Truly. The coolest birthday party.

Sunday- I woke up absurdly early (6AM) with a burst of energy. How I was not hung-over I'll never quite know… I got to talk to my big brother and then JB and I met up with my parents at the Omelet House. Did you know they give you a FREE breakfast on your birthday? Seriously, so cool. So after my incredibly yummy breakfast, JB and I went home to snuggle up and watch a movie. It is definitely worth a watch if you like musicals and the music of the Beatles. We had a nap after the movie and then got all dressed up for a romantic dinner for two.

Could my weekend have gotten any better? I think not… Perhaps I could've done without the five hours of shopping but it was a necessary evil so that I could be thoroughly surprised by party! Sigh. My hubbie rocks!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Trying to Get it Together

Yesterday was one of those days where I could never quite get it together. I woke up in an inexcusably grumpy mood, only to find that JB had gotten up at some point and gone to the bar. Now, this may seem rather strange that my hubbie got out of bed in the middle of the night to hit the local pub but it really isn't that strange. See, JB mainly works a graveyard shift four nights a week. On his "days off" he tries to switch back to a normal sleeping schedule so that we can spend our time together and even get a little snuggle-time in at night without him having to watch me sleep while trying to sit still, bored out of his mind. Either way, he left to visit his friend that was bartending and play Golden Tee, his favorite bar game of all time.

So, I woke up, grumpy and without someone to make me coffee. Sigh. I guess I was getting used to being extremely spoiled lately.

I got ready as usual and was out the door still feeling a little off. It was overcast and generally feeling like a good rain was going to come out and give this little city a good washing. After living most of my life in the South West I tend to get spoiled by too many days in a row of sunshine and clear skies. The cloudiness was not helping.

I got to work and tried to pick myself up with the usual snack and busy schedule but found myself on endless errands for the ol' boss. You see, I run an office as well as assist the big boss. I started out as his personal assistant a few years ago, running his errands and generally making sure he showed up at the right place at the right time wearing the right thing. We have a great understanding and I don't mind doing his mind-numbing chores but yesterday, I just didn't want to take his cars to get serviced. As much fun as it can be to sit for hours, watching dirty mechanics change oil and rotate tires, there were just other things I'd rather be doing. So, with a giant roll of my eyes, I set out to take his cars in for general maintenance.

A few hours later I got a call from JB.

"Hey babe, I'm at your office and I brought lunch" – I sighed deeply with love and hunger, promising to run back as quickly as possible.

JB made lunch (taco salad) at home and brought it to me to pick up my day. It was very tasty and an amazingly sweet thing to do but somehow it just didn't bring me out of the funk. I can't say exactly what the problem was but it was just one of those days where I couldn't be my normal perky self. I made jokes and went through the motions all day but what I really wanted was to crawl back into bed and try to wake up on the "right side" to start all over again.

When work was finally over I scooted across town to find JB building cubbies for our closet out in the garage. I asked him to build some shelves for my purses in lieu of a birthday present this year and he has been hard at work. I asked for, what I thought, was a simple project but it seems that he has taken it up a notch, adding a pull down lever and a rocking unit for easy access. I'm not exactly sure what the final project is going to look like but it sounds fancy and I just hope I can figure it out without dumping the entire contents on my head every time I want to change out purses. I'll post pictures when it is finally finished.

I never did get over the whole grump attitude that I had going until after dinner. JB cooked (again, because he's cool like that) salmon, zucchini and whole wheat pasta and then we watched The Simpson's Movie. After a full tummy and some quality snuggle time I can say that I finally lost the funk and enjoyed a good laugh while watching the Simpson's. If only I'd know that was what it would take, I would've just started out my day with that and come into work a little late… Ah well, may be next time…