Monday, February 25, 2008

I guess I got rid of the funk

A brief overview of my weekend:

Friday afternoon- my boss came in my office and told me to close up shop because we were going home early. Wahoo! This was followed by a trip to the grocery store, a dinner disaster and lots of laughs with my hubbie & father in law.

Saturday- Met a girlfriend for lunch and then met up with my mom for a round of shopping. Mom bought me a beautiful dress and pair of shoes that I could wear out on Sunday for my birthday dinner. Then I went to my parent's house for a quick drink with my dad followed by dinner at my house. When we arrived at my house, Surprise! It was a birthday party for me that my loving hubbie set up. Everything was taken care of and I had the most stress-free party at my own house that I could possibly imagine. JB had cleaned everything and gotten dinner ready for all 25 people. It was amazing, I was so loved. We hung out and then sang karaoke to my little heart's content! It was so much fun. Really. Truly. The coolest birthday party.

Sunday- I woke up absurdly early (6AM) with a burst of energy. How I was not hung-over I'll never quite know… I got to talk to my big brother and then JB and I met up with my parents at the Omelet House. Did you know they give you a FREE breakfast on your birthday? Seriously, so cool. So after my incredibly yummy breakfast, JB and I went home to snuggle up and watch a movie. It is definitely worth a watch if you like musicals and the music of the Beatles. We had a nap after the movie and then got all dressed up for a romantic dinner for two.

Could my weekend have gotten any better? I think not… Perhaps I could've done without the five hours of shopping but it was a necessary evil so that I could be thoroughly surprised by party! Sigh. My hubbie rocks!

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