Monday, October 29, 2007

A Brief Overview of my Weekend

Friday afternoon my new dining room table was delivered! Wahoo!! I was sitting at work waiting for the news from my hubbie when I realized it was getting late and I still had yet to hear from him. After calling several times I finally bailed out of the office and rushed home in case he slept through the delivery. As I assumed when I finally got home he was sleeping ever-so-soundly and definitely would not have heard the delivery truck arrive. An hour or so later and my new table was in place! It is oh so pretty and can easily seat 10! I'm still not sure why this was a requirement for us but we easily have the space and as far as we are concerned the more the merrier!
After the arrival of our new and beautiful furniture I headed out to pick up my good friend Shauna. She was in town from San Francisco for the opening of our friend Brittany's new boutique in North Las Vegas so I decided to steal her away for a couple of hours. She came and got the nickel tour of our new house and then we met back up with Brittany and Giulianna for dinner that night. The next day we basically spent at the boutique watching fashion shows and trying on clothes. They had a fairly decent turn out and I even splurged and bought a few things. Afterward the girls went to a halloween party and I crashed. I have been struggling with a cold or allergies for awhile and it had finally taken its toll. Ah well, no biggie to have missed the halloween party as I'm not much of a fan of dressing up.
Truth be told I spent the whole next day in my pajamas napping and watching movie after movie. I didn't feel all that lazy because JB was in bed too. Technically he works graveyard so that is his time to sleep but it still helped me justify my laziness. Man, I really need to get better. I am so tired of feeling sick~ blah blah...


Summer Ryan Doyle said...

Love the dining table. What did you think of Reign Over Me?

A said...

Reign over me was oh so sad. if you haven't seen it i recommend checking it out. i really liked how they showed the aftermath of this tragedy and how it affected this particular person without making it a generic 9/11 film.