Friday, July 18, 2008

One, two, three, four...

I saw this video today and loved it. I guess I'd better get used to watching a little Sesame Street.

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Kelly said...

18 years we've been friends! Holy Cow! Here's one memory for every year!

Do you remember our New Year's Eve's "L" is for the way you look at me...!

I remember sneaking out of your house, past the guard gate and toilet papering the Whetton's house.

I remember ordering Port of Subs when they delivered.

I remember staying at your parents house with you when they were out of town and we threw that party. Sorry Lowelle and Pam! (Is that how you spell your dad's name?) I hope I can gain back their trust!

I remember when your parents surprised you with your Kia.

I remember when you made out with Matt Gubler at my birthday party!

I remember when your parents upgraded us to First Class for the trip to Hawaii! It was sweet. And you were going to fly coach with me! That was sweet.

I remember Dream Tour USA.

I remember when you were the lead in the Foreigner (both times) and in Fame. I was so proud of you!

I remember when you helped Brandon and I paint our house and I dressed up in the cotton from my pillows...

I remember when you and Jake came to the Into the Woods cast party.

I remember when you got married. Your wedding was beautiful!

I remember when you told me you were pregnant.

I remember when we played American Idol at my house.

I remember playing pool all night at your house and singing at the top our lungs.

I remember seeing you in the Pajama Game.

I remember going on a double date to Winter Formal with you, Mike, me and I don't remember the other guys name...

And my last memory...It's what I can't remember...I can never remember a time when I couldn't call you or when I felt weird to call because we hadn't talked in awhile. I love how we could always just pick up where we left off! I love you and look forward to another 18 years!